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  • "Absolutely stunning! We love your timing and attention to details (including the subtle ones!). B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I don't know how you capture everything, but wow, you get EVERYTHING. Just awesome! Watching this is sooo addicting! Thanks SO much!" ~ Steve + Molly | 2012

  • "THANK YOU, THANK YOU for putting together these beautiful memories for us!!!!!" ~ Suzanne + Joe | 2015

  • "I just wanted to make sure you knew how amazing I and every single vendor felt your work was last Saturday. Truthfully, that video edit was the best I have ever seen, and the photographers, who do a TON of work with a TON of different people, felt the same way. Thank you for being so great to work with and for delivering such an amazing product for two special people! It was a pleasure! ~ Shannon/Coordinator | 2015

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"I've been sending people your way! I still love it, still makes me cry, still so grateful to you. Thank you!"
~ Jessica and Stefano | 2011

The video is amazing!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You are crazy talented and we couldn't be happier with what you've given us!  We love it and can't wait to share it with everyone!  You're the best! Thank you thank you thank you!
~ Sarah + Matt | 2014

Oh my gosh! We absolutely loved working with you. You are just the best! Thank you so much for your hard work. I'll recommend you to all my friends and family. We are so pleased with the video! Even though it's unedited, it is very high quality and it is a precious keepsake we will cherish forever. We were so impressed with your professionalism and your creativity. You captured some awesome moments! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!"
~ Sarah + Steve | 2014

"We had the most special, magnificent day of our lives and you have our deepest gratitude for capturing it so authentically and with such deep care!!! We cannot thank you enough!! Each person that you filmed was caught in their truest, most beautiful light!"
~ Amy + Dan | 2014

"What can I say....We are both full of tears...tears of complete joy and happiness. I truly feel like we just got married again watching that video. You are unbelievable!....I would have waited 5 years for that...  My husband just said..."we are in our first motion picture!!! This is AWESOME"!!  I am so glad we got the longest version. That was absolutely perfect, I couldn't ask for anything more.  PS we would have written sooner, but we just watched it for the fifth time and cried and laughed so hard we cried too. YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!"
~ Natalie + Clint | 2012

"Absolutely stunning!  We love your timing and attention to details (including the subtle ones!).  B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!   I don't know how you capture everything, but wow, you get EVERYTHING. Just awesome! Great work Joel!!  Watching this is soooo addicting! Thanks SO much!"
~ Steve + Molly | 2012

"I cant thank you enough for all your hard work and time! You are so talented and we just LOVE our same day edit! And do you mind if I share that link for the same day edit on facebook?? I will be putting your name and website in the post to give you credit! I still cant believe you captured such great moments, I never even realized when you were filming!"
~ Morgan + Brock | 2014

"I hope you enjoyed last night! You were absolutely everything we wanted in a videographer! You were awesome Saturday! I just want to thank u! And that same day edit was amazing! You are very talented! The same day edit is a hit!! I'm putting your name everywhere! It still brings tears to my eyes!"
~ Stephanie + Adam | 2013

"I will never be able to convey just how thrilled we are with the beautiful video you put together for Caroline and Brett!!  I couldn't stop playing it again and again .......truly amazing!  (and our family and friends all felt the same way.)  To have this forever is truly a gift.   You came into our home, worked so intensely yet unobtrusively, and created this archive that we will all treasure for a life time.  When you are in the moment, you don't get to see all of these things and now we have it  captured for always.  Thank you so much!! Gratefully, Jill, MOB :-)"
~ Caroline + Brett | 2013

"Thank you sooooo much! I had to wait to watch until Mike had a break at work so we could watch it together, and I cried! WE LOVE IT! Thank you thank you thank you!!! I dont remember much of the day, it goes by so fast! It was so fabulous to see it again, you are soooo talented! :)"
~ Laura + Mike | 2013

"Oh my gosh, Joel! You have been the talk of the day!!!! I honestly have received so many compliments on my choice of videographer, and good thing is that we were one of the first of our group of friends to get married; so I'm passing your name along ;) "
~ Yvette + Ben | 2013

I will never be able to tell you enough how much I LOVE our wedding video. You talent exceeds all expectations!
~ Susan + Max | 2013

"I wanted to just send a brief note of appreciation for the work that was done this weekend at Ben and Yvette's wedding this past weekend. I was the Best Man for this event, and after having the experience throughout the day with the videographer and seeing how much quality video he was able to put into a flawless video for the reception, I was absolutely thrilled, and I know both Ben and Yvie were extremely satisfied for the work that was done.  I can already tell you that if I one day go through the same experience you will be the only videographer I call. Sending notes like this is not something I normally do, however, this most definitely called for one. Thank you so very much!"
~ Yvette + Ben | 2013

Thank you so much for everything you did at our wedding this past Saturday.  I honestly think you worked the hardest out of everyone and Ashley and I are truly thankful.  You were not kidding when you said that we would barely notice you running around and capturing every little detail of our special day.
~ Ashley + Steven | 2013

"LOVED the video, it's absolutely beautiful :)  Thank you for the great work! This has just made us so happy... You captured so much and made it as amazing as we remember it being."
~ Lindsey + Michael | 2012

"I am so sorry that I missed seeing you after your Once again AMAZING presentation!   Standing ovation #2 at an Angel wedding!!!  Never have I seen that kind of response at any of the hundreds of weddings we've attended!  Honestly Joel, you are SPECIAL and we are the ones who feel blessed to have your talents etched in our hearts and shared with our dearest friends and family.  Thank you thank you for being a part of our lives and Susan and Max's lifetime of memories!...Thank YOU for all your wonderful talents shared with us these past few years!!!! We LOVE YOU! Jody and the ENTIRE Angel family!!!!! Jody" (MOB)
~ Susan + Max | 2013

"The movie is fantastic!!! Everybody talks about it!! Thank you so so much!!! It was truly a pleasure working with you!"
~ Magda + Peter | 2011

Matthew and I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to you for all that you did for us on Saturday.  You went above and beyond anything we could have hoped for!!  The video you created for our reception was beautiful and I teared up when I watched it again today.  Everyone I talked to at the reception told me how cool it was to have that video and how good of a job you did.  My friend who is getting married next year even asked for your contact information.  Your work is amazing.  Thank you again!
~ Sara + Matthew | 2015


Keeping it simple.

Here you'll see the standard options for both coverage and editing. Descriptions for each are below. Simply choose a coverage option and one or more editing options and the total cost is calculated. Not sure which editing option you'd like right now? No problem. Reserve the coverage for your date and you're free to choose the editing option after the event. And customized packages are always available if your needs are unique or if there is travel involved.


Discreet, multi-camera, high definition coverage by a degreed professional with over 25 years of experience. Multiple wireless audio recorders are placed for clear vows readings, speeches, toasts and music. (See the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.)

Same-Day Presentation

Highlights from the wedding day projected at the reception for all your guests and family to experience. Includes HD projector, 10ft screen, audio amplification and set-up. Delivered as an online movie for viewing/download, on a USB Flash Drive and 3 DVD/Bluray sets.

Unedited Content

All of the original movie and audio content on a USB Flash Drive and on a DVD/Bluray disc set.


The Highlights is the music video of your wedding. All the best visual moments encompassing the entire day's activities are energetically paced to a song you can choose, or let us decide and we'll choose a piece which we feel fits the event best. Great to share with family and friends. Delivered as an online movie in HD for viewing/download.


The Documentary is an all-inclusive archival record for posterity, with real audio in real-time, as it happened. Includes the candid moments, the full ceremony, all of the toasts and speeches and finishes with the reception fun. The length is based on the amount of content, usually 1-2 hours. Delivered on USB Flash Drive and 3 DVD/Bluray sets.

Wedding Film

The day’s most memorable spoken words and most heartfelt moments are artfully and creatively woven together with carefully chosen music into the story of your wedding day. Length is usually 15-20 minutes, perfect for repeat viewings. Delivered as an online movie in HD for viewing/download, on a USB Flash Drive and 3 DVD/Bluray sets.

Learn more: Frequently Asked Questions
(Hours are consecutive)
4 hours...$800
8 hours...$1200

Same-Day Presentation...$1000
Wedding Film...$1500


Wedding Films Guarantee

Relive your wedding memories while the emotions are fresh. Timely delivery guaranteed. Request a sample contract for details.


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Privacy Policy

Your information is safe with us. We only collect information that is necessary to provide you with the service you request. We will not sell nor share the information you provide.

Wedding Films creates same day edit, HD wedding videography for Appleton, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Sheboygan, Green Bay, Racine, Fon du lac, Oshkosh, Lake Geneva, Madison, Rockford and Chicago. Wisconsin wedding videographer Joel Peregrine travels nationwide as a destination wedding videographer.